A call to art

Lately, I’ve been fascinated by book covers in the genre I write – fantasy. There are some outstanding covers, highly original, but they are rare. Below are random examples of the covers I like.



They all carry the atmosphere of the book they illustrate.


On the other hand, the majority of covers in the fantasy genre are mediocre, especially in the urban fantasy sub-genre. A half-naked girl with a tattoo plus a half-naked hunk with a sword (optional) comprise most of them. The trendy alternative is a guy in a swirling cloak. Often created from stock photos, such covers are lamentably interchangeable. The artists don’t even read the books before they make covers for them. Pre-made covers are popular too, because those covers are neutral: one size fits all.


You might think that there are few talented fantasy artists out there, but that assumption is wrong. Websites like http://deviantart.com and http://pinterest.com are full of marvelous fantasy art. Their images take me to the worlds beautiful or scary, whimsical or gloomy, but always unique. I’d like to pay tribute to these artists, to introduce them to the wide-spread community of fantasy fans. I want to interview them on my blog.


If anyone who reads this post knows a fantasy artist or is a fantasy artist, I’d like to talk to you, to showcase your art. Please, contact me.

Source: http://olgagodim.wordpress.com/2014/10/15/fantasy-artists-a-call-to-art