Lawyer vs. lawyer

Man at Work - Elaine Fox

Didn’t like this one. The story is forced, with silly assumptions on both the hero’s and heroine’s parts. He is a rich lawyer, jaded with his society and his wealth. In an attempt to be done with his class and privileges, he plays a poor construction worker who lives in the slums and can’t even afford a telephone. He wants to find a woman who would be interested in him, not in his money. In the slums. Can you believe it?

She is a young, upward moving lawyer too but from a poor family, with often-unemployed dad and brothers skirting criminal life. She works her butt off because she wants money as a security blanket and she doesn’t camouflage her goals as something ‘noble’.

She despises him because of his seeming aimlessness. He dislikes her because of her overt ambitions. Both misunderstand each other’s goals and motivations. Both scorn what the other represents.

But they fall in love regardless? I doubt it. Profound misunderstanding of the classes isn’t conducive to love, not outside the romance genre anyway.

The entire story feels made-up for the sake of the plot. Although it read well – the author is obviously a pro – it left behind a faint puzzlement: “Why did I read this crap?”