Disturbing and fascinating

Coraline - Neil Gaiman

I don’t read horror, and this book only reinforced my opinion of the genre. I’m not going to read horror again. But despite my aversion to reading about scary and slimy, I unexpectedly enjoyed this short book. It’s disturbing and fascinating, frightening and charming. Its heroine, young Coraline, is a brave little girl, and her adventures kept me reading long after my bedtime.

One thing that worried me though is the book’s target audience. The protagonist is probably five or six years old, judging by her behavior, and the writing is simplistic, as befits a children’s book, but I wouldn’t recommend it for elementary school readers. I wouldn’t even recommend it for middle grades. Maybe teenagers? No, not them; they read Twilight. Who is it for then? Grown-ups? Perhaps I don’t know modern children…