Bland urban fantasy

Would-Be Witch - Kimberly Frost

Meh. Not too bad, not too good, isn’t really worth the time, although there were some charming moments. The heroine of this urban fantasy novel Tammy is a witch without much power or training. She is hurtling from one adventure to another without a break. A bunch of vicious werewolves want to kill her. Two gorgeous guys want to sleep with her. Her heirloom medallion with a ghost of her grand-grand-grand-aunt is stolen, and she got fired into the bargain. Her life is definitely interesting.

If the writer could do justice to Tammy’s predicaments, the novel would’ve been irresistible. As it is, it was merely amusing.

There is also a strange conundrum: the first sentence of the novel is in the present tense, while the rest of the book is written in the usual past tense. I wonder why. Was it supposed to make some arcane sense? It doesn’t. It reads like a jarring mistake.