Bingo finished

I have done better than I expected with this autumn Bingo:

Only 2 unfilled squares left:

  • Set on Halloween
  • Serial killers

I must admit I cheated a bit. Two of the titles I put in are short stories. I hope they count.

In the square Set in space:
"The Angelus Guns" by Max Gladstone (4.5 stars) was published by You can read it here


It’s a sad, sad story about a schism in heaven. Luminous like poetry and brutal like war, this story is also painfully honest. Revolutions never end well, folks, not for anyone.

In the square “Ice”, “Snow” or “Frost” in title:
"Angels in the Snow" by Matt de la Pena (4 stars) is part of the anthology "My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories".
This story brings together a boy and a girl from two vastly different backgrounds. He is from a dirt-poor Latino family on the Mexican border. Her parents in Portland are white and rich. But on Christmas in New York, anything is possible, even that these two meet and fall in love. A charming story, if a bit naive.