A curse in a cookie

The Misfortune CookieI wanted to like this novel, I really did. It is a spoof of urban fantasy. The premise is fantastic and original – someone in New York Chinatown is killed by a curse in a fortune cookie – but the story was too slow for me. The beginning was bumpy. The writing was average. The plot didn’t engage. The characters didn’t seem real. The magic wasn’t explained. The mystery of a murderous cookie wasn’t all that mysterious. And I didn’t like the protagonist at all. She mostly behaved like a silly bitch.

Besides, I don’t see why she is necessary in this story. Everyone in it has a role. She is the only one who doesn’t. She doesn’t do magic. She doesn’t investigate murder. She doesn’t love anyone but herself. She is just acting as if the entire tale revolves around her. But then, she is an actress. She is used to acting.

There is some humor in the story though, and that’s the only redeeming quality of this book. It kept me reading to the end. If you prefer a light paranormal slapstick comedy with ridiculous adventures, this book might be for you.

I must admit that I like the cover art. That’s why I picked this book at the library in the first place.


Note: BL doesn't have the cover of this book in their database. I imported it from GR.