Demons & love

Demon Hunter - Jenny  Schwartz

This paranormal romance is a novella, short and intense. The protagonist Fay is a powerful magician, a demon hunter for the magic Collegium in New York. After her last job, she is burnt out. She wants to feel human, to stop hurting, but her father and boss, the head of the Collegium, denies her craving for human connection. Fay feels her only choice is to quit the Collegium and flee, but her cruel, power-hungry father has other ideas. Fay has to fight for what she believes in and for the people she loves.

The story deals with the complex themes of loyalty and family, love and hate, good and evil. The secondary characters are not as multidimensional as Fay, but in the short page count, it might not have been possible to develop them fully. The pacing is very fast, the writing terse and clean, and the adventure compelling. And although Fay starts out as a numb woman afraid of her own emotions, almost an automation, she is learning to love and accept the love of others. Her frozen heart is thawing out, a little bit at a time.

A nice quick read with lots of magic flung around.  


PS: part of the action takes place in Australia, so this novella goes on my Geography Reading List.