Not for me

How Mirka Met a Meteorite - Barry  Deutsch

I’m not a fan of graphic novels, and this book didn’t change my opinion of them, although I liked it. Charming and humorous, it seems a perfect little volume for kids in elementary and middle school. It took me a couple of hours to finish, and I did have fun while reading the story. It was original and funky, if a bit didactic, but I kept wondering if I might’ve liked it more, had it been written as text with a few illustrations.

I suppose some pictures enhanced the story. The troll was definitely a bonus. I could never visualize a troll like that, even though I read lots of fantasy. The rest – I didn’t need the pictures, but I think kids might enjoy this book only because of the pictures.

Maybe the gist of the matter is that those kids have trouble reading? Wouldn’t it be better for them, for their reading and comprehension skills, if they read this cute story and imagined the characters, instead of following the imagery and reading the inconsequential balloons? Some of the balloons have useful snippets of text inside, that’s true, but many contain only interjections: Bam! Aha! Oooo… etc. Perfect for borderline illiterate, isn’t it? It’s like a cartoon on TV.

Overall, graphic stories are obviously not for me. For those who love the genre, this little book might be a gem. It makes me a tad sad that I couldn’t savor it the way it deserves.

At least this book will go towards my PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge as a graphic novel.