Scarlet Sails on Wattpad

Some time ago I mentioned here that I was going to post my translation of Scarlet Sails, a novella by the Russian writer Alexander Grin, on Wattpad. Several of my friends expressed their interest, and I'm happy to inform them that the first chapter is finally there.

Scarlet Sails was one of my favorite books, when I grew up in Russia, and I wanted to share it with my English-speaking friends. First published in 1923, it’s a lyrical and romantic tale about the power of dreams. I hope my translation conveys at least partly the original beauty of this charming and unique story.


You can read it here.


The next chapter is coming soon…







You can read more about Alexander Grin on his wikipedia page.


There is a museum of Alexander Grin in Feodosia, Crimea, where he lived during the last years of his life.