Alexia goes to Egypt

Timeless - Gail Carriger,  Emily Gray

In this installment, #5 in the series, we meet many familiar characters. Alexia, the protagonist, is happily married to her werewolf of a husband. Her daughter Prudence has been adopted by the foppish vampire, Lord Akeldama, and the entire Akeldama’s household adores the little girl with the ‘meta-natural’ abilities. Nobody has tried to kill Alexia for at least a year. Life is becoming boring.

Then someone kills her husband’s kin, another werewolf, and investigation is afoot. Alexia herself is summoned to Egypt with her entire family. Although she doesn’t know the reason for the summons, she knows she can’t defy the one who summons her. So Alexia travels to Egypt.

The novel is chock-full of supernatural curses and secret societies, werewolf politics and vampire intrigues, old allegiances and new alliances, but for some reason, the story failed to engage me. It was okay but no more.

The plot is very fast, but nothing is real there. The perils and the characters are cartoonish, the adventures so outlandish that I couldn’t relate, even a tiny bit, and the tension doesn’t really work, because I don’t care for anyone, except maybe the toddler Prudence, but she is never in any danger.

Of all the books in this series, I liked the first three better than the other two. Still, I finished this one, and it was a fun, mindless read. If you want a silly distraction, this book works perfectly.