My novel won!

This morning, when I opened my gmail, I got a bunch of congratulations on my novel winning the EPIC competition. I didn't know what they were talking about until I opened the EPIC eBook Award website and saw that my novel Eagle En Garde indeed won in the Fantasy category. The badge arrived as an attachment to an impersonal email from EPIC, but the email itself didn't contain anything except the word 'CONGRATULATION!' and some twinkling gif. I didn't even think the congratulations applied to myself. What a strange feeling. I think I'm happy but I'm still processing.

In celebration, I might have a giveaway here, on BL, but I must clear it first with my publisher. I'll keep you posted.


I wanted to attach the book's cover to this message, but it doesn't show in BL database????? So I used the picture from my computer. I'm really upset with BL. Why doesn't it show my book? I entered it there myself.