Nevada pants for Rogan

Burn for Me -  Ilona Andrews

It was a good story, a very absorbing paranormal romance, but I didn’t like the lead characters. They are very well written, don’t get me wrong. The authors are experienced and talented, and their heroes seem almost alive, despite their magical abilities. But the protagonists’ personalities just didn’t agree with me, especially the hero. He’s too much a cold alpha male, with not enough humanity to fill a thimble. I stay away from men like him in real life and I dislike them in fiction. The fact that the heroine tumbled in lust with him right off the bat turned me off her too. She seems such a sensible person in all other aspects. How could she do something so infernally stupid? She should know better.

Nevada is a PI in a world just like our own but with one significant difference: there is magic out there. When she is forced by her boss to accept a job – to find and bring in a rebellious young son of the prominent magical clan – she does it for one reason only: to protect her family.

Rogan wants the same guy too, for a variety of reasons. Does he go to Nevada or her boss and ask questions? No. Does he offer to pay for answers? No. He is too powerful, too wealthy, and too arrogant to ask for anything. Instead he kidnaps and tortures Nevada to extract the information he wants. Why not? Torture is efficient, and with his billions, he could get away with anything. And after that, she falls for him? I don’t believe it. She even starts cooperating with him, which is also unbelievable.

I like Nevada’s interactions with her unconventional family. I like her determination to do the right things, no matter the cost. I like her sass, her common sense, her ingenuity, and her compassion. But her panting for Rogan, as if she is a mindless bitch in heat, diminishes her personally and professionally. It sours the entire novel for me.

Otherwise, this book is almost perfect. The pacing is fast, the plot intriguing, the stakes high, and just enough humor spices the story to save it from sliding to the dark side. If I could only remove Rogan from the tale, I would’ve given it 5 stars.