Sweet romance

— feeling kissed
Suddenly One Summer - Julie James

This was a good romance novel. Like most romances, it was forgettable, but I enjoyed reading it while it lasted. The writing was clean, the dialog snappy and funny sometimes, and the plot formulaic. You know, like all romance novels: a young man meets a young woman. Both have trust issues (and who doesn’t in our day and age). They spend time together, they learn to trust each other, love triumphs, end of story.

The characters were charming and recognizable. Did I identify with them? No. Did I sympathize with their struggles? Yes, somewhat. I don’t think people in real life have similar problems, but hey, there are no dragons in real life either, and I do read fantasy. I like sweets of all varieties, both cake for the mouth and romance for the soul.

On the whole, I think this writer is one of the best currently working in the modern romance genre. This is the fourth novel by her I’ve read, and I enjoyed all of them. I wouldn’t recommend her in large doses, but once in a while, it’s nice to indulge in such a pleasant reading diversion. I’ll read her again for sure. Some day.