One more Regency

The Bargain - Mary Jo Putney

A classic romance. The focus of this novel is on the relationship. No suspense, no mystery, just a solid story of a man and a woman finding each other. Those who dislike romances wouldn’t like it, but for those who do, it would be a pleasant journey into Regency fluff.

I won’t go into the particulars of the plot here; you know what to expect, but I’ll say that the book is written well and reads fast. Both protagonists are sympathetic if not truly alive, and the mandatory happily-ever-after arrives on schedule just before the epilogue.

Not bad. Despite its banality, I enjoyed it. I’ve read a couple of this writer’s books before and liked them enough to pick this one from a shelf in our Salvation Army Thrift shop. I wasn’t disappointed and I’m going to read Mary Jo Putney again.