Not for me

— feeling sad
The Mysterious Disappearance of the Reluctant Book Fairy (Bibliomysteries) - Elizabeth George

I didn’t like it. The writing style was convoluted, and the sentences too long and involved. In some cases, I had to read a sentence several times to understand it. The story structure was all wrong, with half the text a back-story, and the story itself, when it finally started, was boring. I didn’t sympathize with any of the characters and even had trouble determining who the protagonist was. In any case, she didn’t solve her problem; her friend came up with the solution. The book was supposed to be funny, but I’m guessing. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t anything, and the tension didn’t exist at all. The only asset of this book – it was short. That’s why I finished it. I just decided to DNF, when it ended.