One more cozy Daisy

Superfluous Women - Carola Dunn

An enjoyable cozy. After reading this series for 20+ books, it’s hard for me to add something new to a review. All the novels of the series have the same qualities: a charming protagonist, a low-key investigation, a small town atmosphere, and a scrupulous attention to details of day-to-day life. Maybe even too much of that, but I forgive this flaw because I like reading about Daisy and her particular approach to sleuthing. She feels like a friend I’ve known forever, comfortable and fluffy like a beloved re-read. Even the fact that I guessed the murderer faster than the police didn’t detract from the simple pleasure of reading this novel. This quirk also happened in many novels of the series, and I don’t hold it against the writer.

I liked the book.