Chosing the cover

Some of you might know by now that I'm writing a Regency romance, Fibs in the Family, and posting it on Wattpad. Only two chapters left to go before the story ends. I'll post them soon as I entered the #Wattys2015 challenge, and the rules demand that I finish the story by the end of August. Here is the link, for those inclined to read it.


The cover I'm currently using on Wattpad is a placeholder. I didn't have any suitable images when I started posting, so I made a temporary cover. Now, I found a nice image to go with the story. When I publish it after its Wattpad run comes to a close, I'm going to use a real cover. I made two different versions with the same image - a charming painting by the Flemish artist Joseph Francois Ducq (1763-1829). 


Perhaps you could help me chose the best cover. Which one do you like best? Tell me in the comments. Any suggestions for improvement are appreciated.


I'm planning a series of three novellas about the three sisters in the story, and whichever style of cover I'll select now will go for all three (with different images, of course.)