Gun in vagina ???

Re-blog from Jennifer Crusie's blog Argh Ink:


I was reading TPM, something I do daily, when I hit this article:


Texas Woman Arrested With Loaded Handgun In Vagina


It took me awhile to wrap my head around that.


First of all, vagina or vulva? Because it would take some shoving to get a gun into a vagina, and she had a bullet in the chamber. She’d have to Kegel like crazy to keep a (I’m assuming small) gun in her vulva, but getting it clear up in there? Of course, she was also carrying a lot of meth, so that would help.


Then the article says she told the cops it was up there. As in “police found a loaded Smith and Wesson pistol with a round chambered” in this woman’s interior space. I’m not sure “found” is the right word here–“Hey, Bill, look what I found”–but more than that–how did they find it? Would you go up there looking for a loaded gun?




To read the rest, click on the link. The full post is hysterical, and some comments are worth reading too.