The autor fixed her characters

Then Came You: A Novel - Jennifer Weiner

I expected more from this book. I haven’t read Weiner’s other novels but I watched and loved In Her Shoes with Cameron Diaz, based on one of Weiner’s novels, and I though anything she writes should be good. She has many glowing reviews, often employing words like ‘hilarious’ or ‘heart-warming’ to describe her novels, but I didn’t find this particular story either hilarious or heart-warming.

It was okay, a professionally written and edited book, and I read it to the end, but it started slowly, was emotionally distant, kept me faintly bored until the mid-way point, and the ending was disappointing.

I couldn’t really care for any of the protagonists, but at least they were alive and consistently flawed throughout the tale. Then, suddenly, as the ending approached, the author “fixed” them. A jealous husband repented and apologized, declaring that his wife’s happiness is more important to him than his pride. A cold, self-absorbed bitch turned into a loving woman for no reason and went on an atonement spree. And I stopped believing the story.

Maybe Weiner’s other books are better, but I’m not inclined to try another one yet.