A rogue and a miss

The Winter Bride - Anne Gracie

I made the mistake of reading this novel, the #2 in the Chance Sisters series, before reading the #1 first, so I didn’t know some details, and it marred my impressions somewhat. It was a good read regardless but not as good as the previous novel I read by this author.

The story is a classic regency romance. The hero is a charming, easy-going rogue, or is he? The heroine is a demure young miss, innocent and inexperienced, or is she? Both keep secrets from each other, but their love flourishes nonetheless.

I don’t have much else to say, except that in this novel, like in the other one I read by this author, she keeps secrets from the readers for about 75% of the story. I don’t like such a gimmick, but it seems to be something Gracie employs in all her novels.

Apart from that one complaint, I liked the book. I liked Gracie’s transparent writing style, her subtle sense of humor, the funny interludes interlaced with the serious emotional episodes, and the sparsity of sex scenes. I’m going to read more of her. I think she is one of the best regency romance writers currently published, and there are at least half a dozen or more of her novels I haven’t read yet. Something I look forward to with pleasurable anticipation.