Back home from my trip

— feeling happy

Hello, friends. I’m back home from my trip to Montreal and Israel. I can’t possibly catch up with everything that went on here, on BL, for three weeks I was traveling so I won’t even try. But I’ll visit and participate regularly again, starting today.

I’ll write a few proper posts with my impressions as soon as I upload my photos from my camera to my computer. I forgot to take the special cord with me so was unable to do so while away.

The only thing worth sharing for now is a new Russian artist my mom showed me. She is a poet too, and even though you can’t read her poetry in Russian, you can see her poetic soul in her funky and expressive B&W images. Her name is Julia Hazina, and I liked her so much I made a special board for her on my Pinterest account. Here it is.

I include one picture here to give you a taste of her talent. It's called "Kama Sutra". An image with a book seems fitting. Even that book... :)