Don't take it seriously

Owl and the City of Angels - Kristi Charish

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Owl, the heroine of Kristi Charish’s urban fantasy series, is an antiquity thief and a former archeology student. She works for a Las Vegas casino owner who happens to be a dragon. She owns a pet, an Egyptian cat bred to attack vampires. In the course of her work, she battles mommies, dodges vampires, and steals from an assortment of supernatural beings. Of course, she doesn’t do it for fun, at least not too often. Although her morals are questionable, most of the time, she plies her criminal skills because her employer demands it. Dragons love their treasures; everyone knows that. Sometimes she also steals to save the world (those usually backfire on her) or to help out a friend.

Misfortunes dog her steps without giving her even a half-day of respite, and every enemy gets the better of her every few pages, but she never gives up and she always comes out the winner. The sheer number of problems she faces in one novel could have sustained a dozen other novels, but the author’s imagination obviously works overtime.

The trick to this book is not to take it seriously. It’s a mad, mindless romp and it doesn’t really require its readers to care for the protagonist or for any character in the story. They are all cartoonish, all interchangeable, and the plot rolls ahead without the reader’s sympathy. Like a Disney animated feature, it presents a storyline with pretty pictures and lots of loud noise but without any emotional involvement from the reader.  

As Owl races the clock to prevent the bad guys from ... being bad, the reader experiences uncomplicated fun. Bam, slam, kaboom, let’s smile and have some coke. Even when Owl contracts an ancient curse and starts dying from a plague, we don’t care. Her pain doesn’t feel real, and we know she would be OK by the end of the book.

Overall, not bad, although it didn’t touch my heart.