Montreal impressions #5

Day 5, Oct 19


My last day in Montreal, I mostly walked around. Saw a couple interesting street art objects. The statue of a computer guy was sitting in front of a small office in an historical building on one of the busiest avenues of the city.


The next statue was in front of an office high-rise. Seen from different angles, it presents different views of humanity. In front are the upstanding citizens, but close to the back, are the riff-raff, the poor, and the evil. A rather startling statue, inviting some heavy pondering.



Besides visiting churches and museums and admiring public art, I did some limited shopping too – impossible not to when you’re on vacation in a French-speaking city. Bookstores were my natural destination. There were many of them in the old city, more than I expected from all the grim news about bookstores closing down everywhere. In each store, maybe 2% of books were in English, the rest were all French. Obviously French bookstores are doing fine in Montreal. A morsel for your thoughts, folks. I heard in France bookstores are thriving too.

Strangely, I didn’t read much while on this trip. I had my Kindle with me but whatever I started from my Kindle collection wasn’t very interesting. I started and DNFed at least 3 books. The best of them was The Book of Dragons by Edith Nesbit, a collection of children’s short tales about dragons. I read a couple of stories. They were OK, but I’m not sure I will continue.