Israel impressions

This is the last of my travelogue posts.


After Montreal, I flew to Israel to visit my mom. I didn’t travel much in Israel, only made one trip. My aunt lives in Beer Sheva, and I visited there for a couple of days. The rest of my time I spent home with my mom in Petah Tikva. We talked, played board games, cooked, shopped, the usual. The weather was not inviting either. The first few days were very hot. Then, a bad storm erupted, and it rained on and off for the rest of my stay. The storm was so bad, some trees fell down, causing damage to cars and homes.

The storm broke a couple major electric lines in Israel. A few small settlements remained without electricity for several days afterwards. The local media screamed murder to the electrical company. In Petah Tikva, the situation was better, but one day, the electricity was off for most of the day. Fridges, computers, TVs – nothing worked. When darkness fell, we spent some time with candlelight. Romantic ... it was not. Very inconvenient – yes.  

I took some photos in Petah Tikva. The flutist statue stands in the middle of the town, near their city hall.


In Beer Sheva, I saw mounted police patrol. And then I saw this statue of rearing horses.


A few steps from the intersection with the horses was this quaint old building of Arab architecture – some office, I believe.


I bought many monkeys for my collection too, most of them in Israel. They are already preparing for 2016, a year of the monkey by Chinese calendar. Here they are, my monkey haul from the trip:


The reading guy (gal) in the last photo looks somewhat like me, when I’m reading. Don’t you think?