Prudence has a plan

The Perfect Rake - Anne Gracie

Anne Gracie is ruining me for other romance novels. Her books are by no means perfect, they have their share of logistic problems and historical inaccuracies, but I get so much pleasure reading them, romping with her characters, laughing at their antics and reveling in their dialogs, I forgive the author any small flaws. She is fast becoming one of a small group of my favorite regency romance writers.

This book is the first in the series about the Merridew sisters. There are five of them. The four younger ones are all beauties, but the oldest, Prudence, is plain. Everyone thinks so. In the beginning, they all live with their cruel grandfather, but Prudence has a plan to escape his joyless home. She is determined to lie and cheat in order to get her sisters a London season. Then, their beauty would attract husbands, and they all would live happily ever after.

Gideon is a rake. Everyone thinks so. When he first sets eyes on Prudence, he doesn’t see a plain spinster. He sees an utterly attractive young woman. Yes, she lies, but who doesn’t. At least all her lies are altruistic, designed to better her sisters’ lives. He can’t care less about her sisters, but Prudence herself is another matter. He can’t get enough of teasing her, touching her, kissing her, and even though she pretends to be angry at his advances, he knows she enjoys them as much as he does.

These two are a delightful pair of star-crossed lovers. Their interactions are priceless and their banter charming. And the absurd situations arising again and again as the results of Prudence’s lies had me laughing out loud.

The book is full of joy and spunk. Highly recommended.