Of mice and aliens

Alien Taste - Wen Spencer

In this book, #1 in Wen Spencer’s first series, the author introduces a unique world so like our own, and a fascinating protagonist, Ukiah Oregon. The genre of this book (and the entire series) would be urban sci-fi, something I haven’t encountered often in modern speculative fiction.

Centuries ago, alien invaders landed on Earth, but one of them was a rebel, set on preventing their murderous plans. The war between the two fractions still continues, while ignorant humans go about their lives unaware.

The hero of this book, twenty-one-year-old Ukiah, is a private investigator caught in the war. He didn’t know about it. He didn’t know that he himself is an alien (yes, he really didn’t). But he would do anything to protect those he loves: his family, his partner Max, his lover, and any innocents swept by the waves of the struggle.

Ukiah is not your average man. He was raised by wolves until the age of thirteen, and many of our social rules still baffle him. He is honest, kind and, naive, with a body of a stud muffin – an irresistible combination for any female reader. Add to that his willingness to sacrifice himself to save others, and you have a marvelous modern Mowgli. Yummy!

The plot is fast and engaging, the dialog life-like, and the writing professional, spiced by a pinch of humor. I enjoyed this book tremendously. It was a re-read, but I read this book a long time ago. I liked it then, and the re-read just confirmed my opinion. Wen Spencer is a wonderful writer. I’m going to re-read the entire series.

And then there is mice. I won’t say more about them to avoid spoiling your reading, but if you ever decide to pick up this series, watch for the mice.