Love, marriage, and secrets

At Last Comes Love - Mary Balogh

As many regency romances, this one is about love and marriage. Margaret is 30 years old. She wants to get married this season. Duncan doesn’t want to get married at all, but his grandfather threatens to cut his inheritance down to zero, if Duncan doesn’t get married by his grandfather’s 80th birthday, 15 days hence.

A match made in heaven, do you think? Not really. It takes lots of work on both protagonists’ parts to bring their courtship to a satisfying conclusion and the inevitable L word. Of course, Duncan has secrets, terrible secrets that endanger his new relationship with Margaret. In general, secrets are not good for any relationship, nor they are conducive to family life. It was true during regency and it still holds true today. Fortunately, by the end of the book, the secrets are revealed, Margaret forgives Duncan, and they live happily ever after, as the genre dictates.

The novel is written very well, like most of this author’s books. Its pace is satisfactory, its characterization works, and its plot contains both tragic undertones and subtle humor. It might not be the best book of this writer but it served its general task: to get me diverted and entertained. I liked it.