The 'Meh' Kiss

The Perfect Kiss - Anne Gracie

The worst book of this writer, very disappointing. For the entire novel, there are sexual tension and innuendos instead of the plot. No characters. No actions. Just kisses and lewd thoughts galore, a couple or more of bed scenes, and my pet peeve – the instant and irresistible lust. The heroine shags her best friend’s fiancé without even a glimmer of remorse, and he seduces her without compunction too. They both should’ve been ashamed of themselves, the way they acted like rutting beasts in heat.

I so looked forward to this book – and it was so disheartening to read this empty trash. As if a different writer wrote it, not the one I admired so much in all her other novels. I was ready to weep in frustration. I was ready to DNF it too but decided to stick to the end. I hoped the ending might be better. Sadly, it wasn’t. The heroes didn’t even solve their problem – someone else came along and solved it for them, giving them their happily-ever-after on a silver platter.

It might be an okay book for those who like lots of sex in their reading, but I like STORY, and it wasn’t much of one.