A solid chic lit

Shopaholic to the Rescue: A Novel - Sophie Kinsella

This was a good book. I liked the first few installments in this series, but after a while it became stale. I didn’t read the previous couple of novels of the series and I wasn’t sure I should read this one, until a friend’s review persuaded me otherwise. I’m glad I picked up this book.

The story is a romp in and around Las Vegas. Becky’s father and her best friend Suze’s husband suddenly disappeared together, and their traces lead to Las Vegas. Becky and Co. worry about their safety, so they hire an RW and go in pursuit. The company includes Suze, Becky’s husband Luke, her two-year-old daughter, her mother with her own best friend and a couple more personages.

The story is at times hilarious and all the time a light fluffy read, easy to abandon, if you need to work or sleep, and even easier to come back to. The reader doesn’t really worry. He knows everything will end well but he wants to know how Becky will solve her ridiculous problems. So he chuckles and flips the pages and enjoys the ride.

The ending was a bit unexpected, and a couple of cathartic moments added piquancy to the whole brew, but the overall impression was positive. A solid chic lit, funny and immensely readable.