A snooty heroine

Witchlight - Marion Zimmer Bradley

I never read this author before, despite her celebrity status in the speculative fiction genre, and this book definitely wasn’t the one to start. It’s rather blah. The heroine’s all-consuming emotion throughout the story is anger. She is stubborn, snooty, and she doesn’t treat anyone well. For all I can tell, she doesn’t like anyone, with rare exceptions. She is cold and inconsiderate and indecently self-absorbed. I disliked her, and my attitude towards her spilled over to her story. I disliked it.

Besides, the writing wasn’t very good either. Lots of descriptive drivel about the inner workings of magic, lots of repetition about the poor protagonist’s inability to accept her own magic, or to sympathize with anyone, but the plot was only so-so. Not boring, precisely, but I started skimming pages to get to the action sequences about 50% in.

Not for me.