Interim book report, March 2016

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson - Patricia Briggs To Catch an Heiress - Julia Quinn Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

Recently, I started and abandoned several books in various genres, both paper books and the ones on my Kindle. I won't talk about them, they are not worth it. I also liked a few books, and here is a short overview of the books that worked.


Patricia BriggsShifting Shadows, 2014


A book of short stories from the Mercy universe. I read all these stories before, in one anthology or another, but it was nice to meet the characters again. Enjoyable.


Julia QuinnTo Catch an Heiress, 1998


A nice and very funny regency romance. I’ve started a project to re-read all Quinn’s books – I own all of them – and this one is the first (chronologically) that was written well. Her previous novels are weaker. I laughed a lot and I enjoyed it, although I have to admit that both lovers act silly at times. Still, it’s a keeper.


Patricia BriggsMoon Called, 2006


A re-read. It is the first of Briggs’ Mercy novels, and gosh, it’s so good. It’s excellent. I read half the book in one seating, or rather in one lying last night – I was in bed, reading it until 4am. There is a complex world there, populated by a bunch of great characters. They breathe. They feel. They suffer and struggle, and I followed them every step of the way. I still have half the book to go but I love it tremendously.