Mercy Thompson #1

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

A re-read.

This is one of the best urban fantasy novels I’ve read. The heroine, Mercy Thompson, is a shifter: she turns into a coyote. Although she works as an auto-mechanic – a rather mundane occupation – and her world seems a mirror of our own, it is full of paranormal creatures. There are werewolves and witches, fae and vampires, and they all live in harmony with humans and with each other... sometimes. More often they don’t. This book is about one of those times when the peace and harmony are broken.

Mercy has a neighbor, an Alpha werewolf Adam, although she is not a member of his pack. As a rule, werewolves don’t like coyotes, neither in the wild nor in the urban were community, but Mercy and Adam seem to have a relationship all the same. Both are trying to figure out what kind of a relationship it is, when Adam’s teenage human daughter Jesse is kidnapped and Adam is horribly injured. Mercy suspects that Adam’s pack might have a rat, so it’s up to her to keep him safe and find Jesse.

Of course, she has help, and her friends and supporters range from a friendly local vampire to the leader of all North American werewolves. Unfortunately, her enemies are numerous too. Goals clash, desires interconnect, fears explode, and mysteries baffle, while the writer deftly weaves together all those distinct threads into a beautiful tapestry of a story.

Mercy is the story’s undisputed heroine, controversial, strong-willed, and compassionate, but all the supporting characters are just as colorful, almost standing alive off the pages.

The novel is beautifully written, the pacing swift and flowing like river rapids, and the writer’s imagination seems inexhaustible.

A joy from the first to the last page.