As bad as I expected

Separate Beds - LaVyrle Spencer

To remind you of what I thought about the first 30% of the story - my rant is here.


The rest of the book doesn’t deal as much with Catherine’s pregnancy. She and Clay get married at last, and Clay tries to build some kind of a relationship with his new wife, but Catherine stays aloof. She repudiates his every advance, pushes him away with her icy demeanor, and then gets mad, when he seeks relief with another woman.

I keep my opinion of them both the same as the one formed in the beginning of this story. I like Clay. He is one of the best male characters I read about. He is kind and considerate, charming and friendly. I would want him in my life in any capacity: a neighbor, a coworker, a lover, a parent. He is a great guy, but Catherine puts him through the wringer in her quest for emotional independence. She accepts his money though – what kind of independence is that? She also kicks him out of his own house. Gosh, what a harpy.

Of course, she has excuses: her father didn’t love her, her mother wasn’t supportive, yada, yada, yada... But the truth is: she is a cold bitch, thinking only of herself. Never once does she try to consider Clay’s situation, his needs and wants. He goes out of his way to be a good husband, and she spits on his heart and grinds it into the mud. If I didn’t like her before, I hate her now. And Clay forgives her.

Why is it that the nastiest women always get the best guys? It’s unfair.

I didn't like this book.