A book of cheats

Babes at Sea (Byblos Foretold Book 1) - M.E. Meegs

This short novella will probably delight the fans of P.G. Wodehouse but it didn’t work for me. The humor fell flat, and the characters were all disgusting. They were all crooks, male and female, and not of a charming variety. We all love charismatic rogues, especially when they turn altruistic occasionally, but these scammers only concerned themselves with conning their marks (aka every decent person around them) and each other. Not an honest bone in sight. Egotistic to the core and lacking even a smidgen of consciousness, the whole bunch of shysters acted exclusively for themselves. No surprise they crossed each other repeatedly. Money was their only idol. And the characters that were not swindlers were idiots, deserving to be fleeced. No, I didn’t like any of the characters in the story, so reading the book didn’t give me any pleasure. Its only redeeming quality: it was blessedly short.  


One more pretense that also disgusted me: the author is an imaginary personage too, as if the real writer is ashamed to have written such trash.