Regency Cinderella

An Offer From a Gentleman - Julia Quinn

This was a feel-good, solid romance. Unlike many romance novels, the heroes of this one do have a real problem. While Benedict is a nobleman, a brother of a viscount, Sophie is a bastard daughter of an earl and his maid. Sophie’s mother is long dead and her aristocratic daddy never acknowledged her as his daughter. Before he died, he called her his ward and gave her an education suitable for a lady. After his death, his resentful widow relegated Sophie to the status of a servant. That’s what she is when she encounters Benedict.  

They meet by accident, and love unfurls like a gorgeous flower between them, but in the rigid structure of the Regency ton, no gentleman could marry a bastard-born servant and retain his place in society. Both know it. Both resist their growing attraction, but their hearts persist. And then there are the wicked widow and her two spoiled daughters.

A Cinderella story set in Regency England and written by one of the best romance writers active today, this book was a delight to read.