Ghostly investigation

Gem of a Ghost - Sue Ann Jaffarian

This novel is a cozy mystery with a ghostly twist. The protagonist Emma can see and hear ghosts. She can also talk to them, although she refrains from paranormal conversations if she can help it. In the mundane world, she has her own TV show and a nice boyfriend. Her daughter is safely ensconced in Harvard. Life is good. Even the ghost of her Granny, Emma’s faithful sidekick throughout several books of this series, doesn’t trouble her much. Then one of Emma’s distant acquaintances, Joanna Reid (not ever a friend), asks her to exorcise the ghost of her late husband, Max, and the story starts rolling.

Emma’s communications with Max’s ghost are complicated by the problems of Joanna and Max’s daughter Lainey. Lainey recently broke her engagement to a nice man, tried to commit suicide, and ended up in a ‘special’ clinic. Max’s ghost begs Emma to help his daughter.

When Emma sticks her nose into this tangle of calamities, a new and malevolent ghost rears its phantasmal head. Emma has to speed up her investigation if she hopes to help the new ghost, prevent more disasters, and save Lainey’s life.

The writing is serviceable, and the plot is kind-of inane but with pretensions of depth. The characters are a little silly as well, without the above pretensions. While they rushed about almost at random, overcoming obstacles and simultaneously creating new ones, I smiled indulgently and enjoyed the book, rather to my surprise. Of the few cozy mysteries I have read recently, it was probably one of the best.