Derelict DNF at 46%

Derelict - L.J. Cohen

I wanted to finish this book but I couldn’t. The story was interesting, and the writing was professional, but the lead characters turned me off. There are four of them, each one a teenager. Each one is full of anger and hostility towards everything and everyone, especially towards each other. For each of them, the world is out to get them, their parents are crappy, their neighbors are shit, their living conditions are intolerable, nobody understands their horrible suffering ... you get the point.

They accidentally highjack a space ship, which is not fully functional, and they are the only ones onboard. And still they scream at each other over nothing, blame everyone but themselves, and by the time I finally decided not to continue, they still couldn’t accept each other. I’m guessing that by the end of the book, they will learn to work together, but I’m not going to waste any more of my time on a bunch of obnoxious teenage idiots.

The author tries to portray them as geniuses, and there are too many technical details about computer programming in the story, which also contributed to my overall negative impression. Computer programming does have its place in our lives, but not in fiction.

Beautiful cover though.