A story about a painting

I have a flash fiction fantasy story published in The Flash Fiction Press. The story, Carmela's Copy, was inspired by the famous paintings "Majas on a Balcony" by Francisco Goya. There are two known versions of the painting:

The one on the left is in private collection. The one on the right is at the Met in New York. 


Until recently, they were considered two variations of the same painting and attributed to the same artist, Goya, but lately, the opinion of most expects has undergone a transformation. Now they think that the Met version might be a forgery, or perhaps a copy by another artist, although nobody has guessed the name of the forger. According to the records at the Met Museum, their painting was first mentioned in 1835, seven years after Francisco Goya’s death.
When I discovered this dramatic art mystery I started thinking about how it could've happened, and my story was the result. 

Source: http://www.theflashfictionpress.org/2016/07/12/carmelas-copy