I love Tinker

Tinker - Wen Spencer Wolf Who Rules - Wen Spencer Elfhome - Wen Spencer

I am addicted to this series. I've read it before and I know it's not the best series in the world but I love it all the same. The first book, Tinker, is one of my all-time favorites in the urban fantasy genre. Or maybe it is urban sci-fi.Or a combination of the two - a weird amalgam of quantum physics and magic. And according to Tinker, the protagonist and the girl genius, magic actually complies with the rules of physics and flows like electricity. She would know. She is an inventor after all. Even her transformation to an elf and her subsequent exposure to powerful magic didn't rid her mind of her first love: physics. She is still inventing, only now she uses magic instead of electricity, as she tries singlehandedly to drag the elves from their medieval sword-and-horse society towards the 21st century and computers.

The second book wasn't as good, but I loved it regardless. I wanted more Tinker. I wanted more elves, even the arrogant bastards that they are. I still want more. There is the third book, and the few days I had to wait until my library got it for me have been almost agonizingly painful. Talk about addiction. 

Fortunately, my wait is over. The third book, Elfhome, has finally arrived, and I'm going to the library now to get it. I can't wait.