The Problem with Female Protagonist

Interesting post in Writer Unboxed. The author, Jo Eberhardt, thinks that there is a disproportionately high number of books with a male protagonist compared to those of a female protagonist, even on the shelves of someone who makes a conscious effort to read books by and about women. 

I scanned my bookshelves. On my bookshelves, the number of books with a female protagonist seem to dominate, but then I own lots of romances and chic lit. Plus I rarely read books by male writers - they don't work for me as well as the books written by women.

Then I looked at my blog here, on BL, at my 10 last book reviews:


  1. Saga comic - both male and female
  2. Luanne Rice - female
  3. Jayne Castle - both male and female
  4. Tanya Huff - male
  5. Jane Austen - female
  6. Jonas Jonasson - male
  7. Wen Spencer - female
  8. Lois McMaster Bujold - male
  9. Anne Gracie - female
  10. Isabella Barclay - both male and female


The ratio is 7 females to 6 males. I thought the ratio would be much more in favor of women. Is the author of the above post correct? Do we read more about guys than about girls without even realizing it?


What about you? Who have been your protagonists in the last 10 books you've read?