Language wrinkle

A fascinating interview with John McWhorter about his new book:


The meaning of words, and the way we used them, change all the time — and that's OK with linguist John McWhorter of Columbia University. He writes about how the English language has evolved in his new book, Words on the Move: Why English Won't — And Can't — Sit Still (Like Literally).

McWhorter says that there's "a very understandable sense that language is supposed to stay the same except there'll be new words for new things you have to call a fax machine something and then maybe some words will come in from other languages such as sushi and then there will be slang," he tells NPR's Renee Montagne. "But it's less obvious that the very meanings of words and how we put them together are always ooching along, such that the language we speak now is on its way to becoming another language."


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