My writing travails

— feeling nerd

I have been absent here for a few days, finishing my steampunk-ish novella Open Charlie. It is a 20,000 words (10 short chapters) story in the vein of Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series. Now I have a decision to make. Should I publish it on wattpad for free or on Amazon for free, or on Amazon for $0.99?    

Each option has its advantages and its drawbacks. Wattpad has a huge established reader base, and some of them have been reading my stories and liking them. My regency novella Fibs in the Family on wattpad already has almost 8,000 readers and over 500 likes, and I don’t do anything to promote it. It seems to roll by itself like a snowball. Besides, wattpad is good for serial publishing. With each new chapter, the number of readers grow.

On the other hand, most stories on wattpad are of a rather poor quality, and some people might think my writing is also bad. I hope it isn’t, but I’m biased.  

Amazon is a more challenging venue for me, reader-wise, even if I offer my story there for free. Or maybe, if I put it up with a price, even a minimal one, the story would command more respect. Not sure yet. I already have a cover – the picture in this post. I made it myself.


Here is the description I came up with for my novella:


Open, Charlie is a steampunk-ish novella in the vein of Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series.

Eighteen-year-old Charlie is running away from her criminal stepfather, a New York gang boss. For five long years, he has been forcing her to use her magical abilities to open countless bank vaults and safe boxes. Charlie wants to escape his brutal clutches, and she knows she has to hide, but where in America would she be safe from his ruthless reach. Could she trust anyone to help her? How could she be sure her new friends won’t betray her? After all, everyone has a price, and her stepfather is devious enough and rich enough to pay almost anything to get her – his personal lock opener – back.


While I’m still deciding what to do, my story and its description are in need of beta-readers. What do you think about the description? Could I compare the story with any other writer, in addition to Gail Carriger? In my story, there is a girl, a dirigible, and some magic, suspense and the beginning of romance. It takes place in America at the turn of the 20th century. I’d appreciate your comments about the description and the cover.


If anyone is willing to beta-read the story, please PM me, and I’ll send you the word file with my deepest gratitude.