Beautiful word: defenestration

The Rogue Not Taken - Sarah MacLean

An okay historical romance, although it didn’t work too well for me. The characters make lots of stupid decisions, take steps without thinking, and generally bumble around without listening to each other, all for the sake of plot. I don’t enjoy reading about idiots, and that’s what I wanted to call the heroes now and again.

The writing was good though, one of the best of all the historical romance writers I’ve read, and I’ve read lots of them, so the reading experience was fairly pleasant. I did sympathize with the characters, even if they frequently irritated me by their thick-headed resolutions and childish choices.


I learned a beautiful new word: defenestration, which means the act of throwing something or more commonly someone out the window.

Occasionally, I wanted to defenestrate the heroes of this book for being too stubborn and not willing to compromise with each other.