12 Tasks of Holiday Season - update #4

Task #2 Silent Nights

  • Read a book set in one of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and/or Denmark), where winter nights are long!
  • Get your hygge on! Hygge is a Danish concept that relates to being content and cozy. Put on your fuzziest socks, light a candle, and spend some time (reading) in front of the fireplace or your coziest nook. Post a picture if you want!


For this task, I read Isak Dinesen's Babette’s Feast. The story takes place in a small village in Norway. A wonderful, warm-hearted story. I’m deeply grateful to my friends on BL for recommending it to me. The review is coming.


Here is my latest card status:

Only 2 tasks left, and the books for both are already lined up.