Penric's Mission doesn't end

I like Penric, the sorcerer carrying his demon Desdemona inside himself. I like Desdemona too, have been in love with her since the first Penric novella. I like the other characters of this tale as well, and their harrying adventures were totally engrossing. As always, Bujold has written a superb story, where the narrative flows and the suspense doesn’t let on for longer than a few pages, BUT...

It is not complete. It doesn’t have an ending. The last confrontation in the story is not a resolution, nor is it a cliffhanger. It feels as if someone just arbitrarily stuck the word “FINIT” under the text after a few chapters and published it. The story definitely goes on, but the reader is left behind. It was so frustrating, I got angry and decided to rant.

I expected better from Bujold. She doesn’t have to resort to such cheap gimmicks for me to buy her books. I’ve been a fan since the first Vorkosigan novel I’ve read; I’d buy them anyway, but now I’m so upset with her, I’m contemplating not buying the next installment. My rating reflects my irritation too. It would be higher, if the story was complete.

Why, oh why did she do that?


Note: I was unable to find this book in the database, so the cover is a picture from GR.