12 Tasks of Holiday Season - final update

I finished the Holiday Bingo, all 12 tasks of it, and I'm proud of myself. Going all the way made me realize how limited my reading really was and it also forced me to broaden my reading choices and encounter some interesting writers along the way. Thank you, Moonlight and Obsidian, for starting it.

Below are the last 2 tasks:


Task#10 Holiday Down Under

  • Read a book set in Australia or by an Australian author, or read a book you would consider a "beach read".
  • Christmas crackers are a traditional part of an Australian Christmas. Buy some (or make your own) to add to your festivities and share some pictures!


Nancy Warren – Bad Boys Down Under. The book consists of 3 contemporary romance novellas, all three happening in Australia. I didn’t like it. Too many bed scenes and too little story. The review is coming.


Task #5 Kwanzaa

  • Read a book written by an African-American author or set in an African country.
  • Make a small donation to a charitable organization that operates in Africa.


Beverly Jenkins – I’ll Be Home for Christmas. The author is African-American, and so are her characters. Nothing spectacular. The review is coming.