Roosters and caviar

This year is going to be the year of the Rooster. Of course, the Chinese new year hasn't started yet, not till the end of January (according to my wall calendar), but the internet is already flooded by rooster images, some charming, others funny or inventive, still others indifferent. Here are 2 I like.

This one is from my favorite free image site, Pixabay:


And this one was sent to me by my Russian relatives. It made me smile.

The texts above and below the image are traditional wishes: "Happy New Year" and "Health and Prosperity". But the text on the keg of red caviar is more original. It's kind-a slangy old Russian, meaning "To live like that!"
I wish you all, friends, to live like that, with a large keg of red caviar and a small pot of black within your grasp. Why not, right? We might as well wish big.