I am back. I hope.

— feeling sad

I haven't been on BL since December. I don't know why, but all my social activities, online and in person, dwindled in December, and it's only now I'm trying to pick up my pace again. I didn't read much during this time and posted no reviews anywhere. I didn't write much fiction either, hardly at all, but I kept wondering why I didn't. I missed my writing. I missed BL. I missed my friends here, but I couldn't bring myself to do anything, especially log in.

Perhaps my depression was to blame, although it was an unusual manifestation. I didn't feel sad. I just couldn't communicate with anyone anywhere. I wanted to sit in a box, close the lid, and stay quiet and alone. But now I can at last open the lid again and I'm determined to climb out. It seems I've woken up from a long winter hibernation. Maybe the strange, cold and snowy winter in my home town is to blame?

I started reading again recently and even wrote a few reviews. I'm going to post them, one a day. Hopefully. And I'm going to log in every day, as I did before, and read your reviews, folks. And participate in conversations, at least a little.  

During this time in a box, the only activity that still worked for me was art-related. Some time ago, I started making covers for writers on wattpad, and by now, my covers grace over a dozen stories there. Every time a writer accepted my cover, I quietly celebrated. It didn't require much communication from me, just a message to a writer saying that I made a cover for them and a link.

I enjoy playing with images, even though I'm not an artist. I consider myself a cover designer. So, if any of you needs some visual project done digitally, I might be able to help you.

I also started a series of art posts on my personal blog. The first one is about the legend of St. Martin's cloak and the classical paintings associated with it. Some of you might be interested.

I'm glad to be back, friends.