Love & death historical

'Til Death Do Us Part - Amanda Quick

Calista operates an exclusive introduction agency in Victorian London’s high society. Trent is a writer of popular detective novels. When his sister signs up with Calista’s agency and starts meeting men, Trent is concerned. He doesn’t want a possible charlatan to take advantage of his sister. He comes to Calista’s home to investigate her and her agency.

He finds out that Calista is not a charlatan, and nobody takes advantage of his sister, but Calista has troubles of her own. Someone is stalking her, sending her scary, death-inspired gifts, and Trent, despite his initial mistrust of her, is the only one she could turn to for help.

Together, they discover the identity of Calista’s tormentor and simultaneously fall in love.

Fast paced and intriguing, this historical romantic suspense is easy to read, and its characters are typical for this writer: a strong brooding male with an unbreakable sense of honor and a courageous female with a compassionate heart.

A nice addition to a romance genre.