Old book covers are awesome!

Look what I found on Tumbrl. This is a reblog from Books and Art.


Back to the Stone Age by Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1937, first edition.

Illustration and original dust jacket by John Coleman Burroughs.


Five hundred miles beneath the surface of the earth lies a world of eternal day and endless horizons, in which dinosaurs still roam and caveman hunt and terrors forgotten in the outer world still survive. Young Wilhelm Von Horst, given up for lost, had not died. His only companion a barbarian girl, he battles his way to safety through terrors inconceivable on the surface of the earth.



OG: I really want to read this one. It must be horrible, but I don't care. The novel itself is probably available for free from the Gutenberg project, but I'm not sure I could find this edition to see the illustrations.


Has anyone read this book?